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During her decade-long on-screen career; she has earned excellent experiences.She couldn’t spend quality time with her parents in her childhood, as her father left her and departed for Africa when she was seven years of age. Sade Baderinwa, a local ABC news anchor, has a few secrets and they were exposed this week.

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She also maintains contact with the adoptive family.

After graduating from University of Maryland, College Park with a major in resource economics and agriculture business, she had a backpacking trip in Europe.

He had a baby with While messing with some other WOMEN.

They received death threats regarding the interracial daughter. Channel 10 is scandalous and I never really watched them but it disgusted me when the black seasoned anchors (chaka fattah's wife renee included) went after the younger black anchor causing her to leave in distress and have a breakdown because they felt threatened by her presence. They made fun of her when she went on tv at a new job going naked for a story. I expected more of those black women and was very disappointed they treated her that way.

She also took the role of a reporter trainee working with WUSA-TV in Washington, D. Baderinwa worked as a production assistance with ABC News were she contributed on the programs such as Baderinwa was born April 14 in 1969 at Baltimore, USA. She was then adopted by an American African family of middle class.

She however continues to maintain contact with the father who left for Nigeria.

Baderinwa had news casting positions both in Washington and Roanoke, VA before she joined WBAL in 2003.

She anchored news on the channel WBAL-TV for about 3 years before she went to WABC.

She currently co-anchors the reputed show Eyewitness news in a weekly basis with Diana Williams at five p.m.

and the regular news show with Bill Ritter at 11 p.m.

In May, 2011, Baderinwa became co-anchor of the 11 p.m. She has maintained contact with her biological father who resides in Nigeria, as well as with her adoptive family.

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