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Viewing this content requires the archives upgrade.Regular users can only view threads from the last six months or so.4 - We need real leaders, not "spokesmen", "lecturers", and others who spend their time at WN lunches, seminars, and conferences and get absolutely nothing done. I'm agreeing with you, but no point in laboring the obvious.

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2 - We need a centralized operating center to plan, organize, and carry out our WN mission.

3 - We need far more people - hundreds - concentrated in one operations center. The closest in recent times was the National Alliance, but defective leadership (except for Pierce himself) killed it off.

Criticism is seldom pleasant, but if the WN movement is too sensitive for self-examination it will continue to fail.

Here's some positive suggestions, just to show I'm not the Grinch Who Stole Christmas: 1 - We need far more funding than we currently have.

Again two times I proposed her directly but she told it's not possible.... I want you only a friend I am unable to think you as lover..... From that day onwards i have stopped my contact with her that is I didn't messaged and talked her for a month....

After one week again I proposed through whatsapp..... Like " I love you" love you so much, you are my life"... Suddenly one day she came and asked what happened to you? But I know last one month I didn't talked or messaged her...... For that she replied no no I know your not normal...... Iam unable to stay without asking this please tell what happened?

After a while of using this, I donated a lot of my equipment to friends. This one trains the entire body, but I found it built up my lower and overall back particularly well.

If you ever try this, you will want to use a pair of weight lifting gloves, and / or baby buggy handle covers. The main area where the isokinator works for building muscle, where other alternatives to weights fail, is with measurable progressive overload.

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